Executive Board 

Elected by a vote of the full FOP membership  to serve two-year terms, The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5-30 Board consists of eight officers, the Immediate Past President, a seven-member Board of Directors and a three-member Board of Trustees. The board meets monthly to establish policies, review financial information and provide accountability to the members of the FOP. This governing body also makes recommendations which are presented at monthly membership meetings. Each of these men and women regularly volunteer their time in various ways.  Whether it’s participating in event planning or contract negotiations, these individuals have the best interests of the FOP membership in each of their decisions. They stand united to make sound business decisions for you!

Steve AmosPresident
Larry Gayle1st Vice President
Alex Bergamo2nd Vice President
Steve ZonaRecording Secretary
Clarence JamesTreasurer
David HarveyConductor
David MeachamInner Guard
Ed HernandezOuter Guard
Clarence JarrellChaplain
John VerweyState Trustee
David StevensImmediate Past President
Board of Directors
Trudy CallahanDirector
Chuck FordDirector
Joe QuinnDirector
Kevin SmithDirector
LaVall ThomasDirector
Mike TombergDirector
Vontez WrightDirector
Board of Trustees
Dennis BlankenshipTrustee
Matt ClementsTrustee
Randy ReavesTrustee

Office Staff


The staff of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5-30 is focused on our members. Whether it’s an event they are coordinating to walking you through the grievance process, these are the people that get it done.
<strong>Phil Vogelsang</strong>
Phil VogelsangGeneral Counsel
Phillip Vogelsang is originally from Cincinnati and has lived in Jacksonville since coming here for law school in 2003. Phil went to Cumberland College where he played golf and graduated with a B.A. in Communications. He then went to Florida Coastal Law School in Jacksonville and was a member of the mock trial team. Out of law school Phil worked as a prosecutor in Jacksonville for 3 years, where he had over 35 jury trials. Phil is currently a City Councilman in Jacksonville Beach and was elected to a 4-year term in 2012. He has been with the Fraternal Order of Police since 2010 and handles everything from grievances and officer involved shootings to 1983 Federal claims relating to members employment.


<strong>Ken Palmer</strong>
Ken PalmerBusiness Agent
Retired Lt. Ken Palmer served as a JSO officer from June 1965 to 1996.  After 31 years, he joined the FOP staff as Business Agent. As such, Ken provides a full range of representation to members in their assigned areas. This includes grievance handling through the arbitration level; consults on contract negotiations; assisting, developing, training, and mentoring the elected leadership through the various processes.  In addition he also makes appearances before governmental boards and commissions on behalf of members, works with FOP attorneys and appointed JSO staff, coordinates all political sign efforts and works to ensure our members are well represented.


<strong>Evelyn McCranie</strong>
Evelyn McCranieOffice Manager
Evelyn McCranie is the FOP Office Manager. Since 2007, Evelyn has organized and supervised all of the administrative activities that facilitate a smooth FOP operation. She manages all the office staff and carries out a range of administrative and IT related tasks. Evelyn is responsible for ensuring the FOP office and staff runs efficiently and provides the highest level of member relations to our organization.  She is the glue that holds us all together.


<strong>Chelsea Moore</strong>
Chelsea MooreMember Coordinator
In August of 2009, Chelsea Moore joined the FOP. She was recently promoted to serve as the Member Services Coordinator. Chelsea is the first person you will see when you visit the FOP.  She is responsible for all rental agreements, FOP merchandise sales and coordinating all members’ services and communications. She also volunteers at various FOP sponsored events.