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  • Board of Trustees Candidate
    Posted On: Nov 30, 2017

    Greetings FOP Brothers and Sisters!

    Last week during our monthly membership meeting, I was both honored and humbled to again have been nominated for one of the three Board of Trustee positions at FOP Consolidated Lodge 5-30.  While I have served in that post for the last four years and we have accomplished some, I know that we still have so much more work to do!  I am steadfast in my belief that we will succeed in achieving more for our members in the next two years, and I want to continue battling those that would willingly work against us as we engage in the challenges ahead! 

    Roughly defined via our by-laws, the Trustees’ responsibilities are:

    • Managing the property of the Lodge as well as all bonds, deeds, and important papers of the Lodge.

    • Conducting a thorough and exacting inventory of the Lodge’s belongings each year, and submitting those findings to the Lodge’s Executive Board.

    • Monitoring all permanent invested funds of the Lodge. Oversight of any quarterly revisions and ensuring that any discrepancies are discovered and reported to the Executive Board.

    A recently retired 25 year member of the JSO, now working as a Project Specialist for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund amongst other things, I have not only served on the Executive Board as a Trustee fulfilling the aforementioned requirements; I am also currently a contributing member of the FOP Contract Committee, a very involved representative on the lodge's Political Action Committee, a member of the Disaster Relief / Community Outreach Committee, and a consistent volunteer for all FOP and FOP Foundation related activities from our Guns and Hoses event to the various charitable events the lodge and its foundation engage in throughout the year; Sissine’s Skyfall being the most recent.  Further, it has been my distinct honor and pleasure to have served all of you as a State Delegate to the conferences of the Florida State Lodge of the FOP, as well as a National Delegate to the 100th and 102nd Anniversary Biennial Conferences of the Grand Lodge, or National FOP, the last being held in Nashville, TN where we accomplished great things! 

    To sum it up, serving with all of you these many years and representing you these last four; locally, on a state-wide basis, and nationally; have been some of, if not "the" most valued pursuits I have known in my career.  And, should you choose to elect me once more, I will be happy to continue my service to the membership with the same trustworthiness, dependability, and zeal I have exhibited throughout those experiences.  However, no matter the results when the votes are finally tallied after the polls close, you may rest assured that no matter my station, I will have your back - no different than the day before, just like all of you have always had mine.

    Thank you once again for your consideration!


    Matthew D. Clements

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